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When I crossed paths with Jacqueline I was painfully stuck and had been so for way too long. My life had become a story about a boy instead of a story about me. Which is, of course, totally unacceptable. I was trapped in fear and indecisiveness. My eyes hadn't sparked in... years. I'm amazed about the work she did. She's not only highly educated but she has that it-factor. That je ne sais quoi. That unteachable quality one has got to be blessed with. That pure heart who gets it. She sees your beauty and your darkness and creates a way out. A way in. A way back to your vibrant self. She made me aware of my power. My joy de vivre. My sadness which was keeping me stuck, and my beauty that was still there underneath it all. Where I was feeling powerless, she pointed out my ability to manifest positive changes even when going through the dark night of the soul. I hadn't lost my power, just the sight of it. Which kinda felt like the same thing but really isn't.

My life is getting better and better. And even better than that, it's becoming My Extraordinary Life. I'm back on track, loving myself, doing more and more of what makes my heart sing. And yes, it meant I had to get clear around some stuff. And leave some stuff that wasn't serving me. And dare to choose me. Me over fear. And choose myself and choose to love myself again and again. Respond to setbacks with a different mindset. And with a whole lot of self-love - which really makes the sun shine, even on rainy days. It's been 3 months. And now the external shifts are sailing in. I got a new place to live, which is perfect for me. My social life has improved greatly. And I find myself finally directing my energy into my passions and dreams, spending less and less energy on things that kept me lonely and stuck. AND I'm loving myself. It's AMAZING. I am ever so grateful for Jacqueline.

Angelina J.

So I CANNOT believe Jacqueline doesn’t have so many more reviews!!! So I have to change THAT!!! I was, of course, skeptical as I am with most things because I’ve tried SO many things and coaches and online courses that, YES, I am a little jaded by all these “gurus”. But, let me tell youuu...THIS was SOOO DIFFERENT!!! Jacqueline, with her high and effervescent and POSITIVE attitude (and LIMITLESS reserves of energy...lol...You’ll quickly see what I mean;) Has made a WORLD of difference in how I see myself, approach life and now look at and experience my relationships!!! She talked me off a post-breakup, self-pity ledge that I was just wallowing in for FAR TOO long!! She opened my eyes to the reality of what is and what I have to offer and the sheer reality that I don’t need him or his manipulation or negativity in my life!!! She opened me up to acceptance and brought in a WHOLE lot of peace and joy around what was and now CAN BE!!! She created SUCH a generous and safe container of reinforcement and offered such easy, doable, ENERGIZING techniques to begin to tap into my own self-deservingness and self-appreciation!! My future is SOOO much brighter and exciting because of the just few sessions I had with Jacqueline!!! I am REALLLLY excited for life and living and where and how I can make my own impact that I CANNOTTT thank her enough!!! I’m looking forward to working with her again in the near future because I just KNOW I will continue to see the results I’ve LONG looked to get and that accountability and elevated level of hand-holding through this sometimes (often...lol;) fearful process is what I seek and have gained in Jacqueline as my Self-Love Life Coach!!! Yeah, I now know I got THIS!!! Thank YOUUU Jacqueline!!! TRULY, Thank YOUUU!!!

Jilia C.

I loved my “Self Love Hi-Vibe” session it was truly transformational. JUST, like Jacqueline promised, we did a whole bunch of different processes in the ONE session and I discovered so much about myself and released so much old “crappy energy” which felt like I finally threw out all the baggage I have been dragging through my life. I feel lighter and happier and more love for myself. It was all so powerful, but what I loved the most was the last 20 minutes, because, she created my personalized guided imagery AND recorded. After the session, she sent me the 20 minute guided imagery, so I can listen to it anytime, I want to get a “boost” of Hi-Vibe. I LOVED IT! And, I have been recommending to all my family & friends. 

I purchased a coaching package for my daughter Emily.  My daughter at first was hesitant, however, Emily has shared with me that Jacqueline’s insight on what she was missing and focusing on has helped her tremendously. Emily is now learning to love herself first and her outlook is so much more more positive.
I highly recommend Jacqueline.
Thank you, Jacqueline.

Joseph G.

I decided it was time to invest in myself. I hated the way I felt about myself and the way I was talking to myself and treating myself. I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired of not liking myself. Of putting myself last and feeling like I was never good enough. I just needed relief. I wanted to feel good about myself. That’s when a co-worker/friend told me she knew how I felt, because, she had felt like that and she did Self Love Hi-Vibe. She explained the process and I signed up right away. I’m so grateful to my friend. I have never felt more happy and confident than now. I love feeling so empowered and good about myself. I never thought I would ever love myself. But, I do! Thank-YOU!

Anna Marie F.

I have spent years, in therapy talking and talking and getting nowhere. When something great happened I would feel okay for a while, then when something or someone said or did something I didn’t like I would feel horrible. I was constantly emotional, like a roller coaster. But mostly down, I was sick & tired of talking and talking. I just wanted to try something new. WOW! I’m so thrilled I decided to try something different. I signed up for Self Love Hi-Vibe and it has totally changed the way I think and feel about myself. After just one session I feel so much happier, alive, and optimistic and I feel so much more love and compassion for myself. I can’t believe the profound change I have had with just one session. It’s incredible! I’m just so relieved and happy. I feel more love for myself than ever. My parents can’t believe it. I can’t believe it!

Lisa S. 

This deserves ENDLESS stars, Jaqueline’s Personality, level of knowledge and POSITIVITY you feel like you are talking to a friend you have known for years, After my sessions with my Self Love Diva, My life has done a complete 180, if you or anyone you know needs a life coach Jaqueline is your way to go. I only wish I had done it sooner!

Karla Q.

I never write reviews but felt compelled to write this one since Jacqueline helped my aunt out of her funk and depression. My aunt's been struggling for decades to find happiness and her confidence/self-worth had been destroyed from past relationships. She finally had an epiphany for change in working with Jacqueline. She's doing great now and wakes up positive every day...she's living life to the fullest and is even happily dating again. I'm very thankful she found Jacqueline, she's truly the self-love diva!

Tim M.

Jacqueline’s coaching and hypnotherapy sessions were key to helping me move beyond emotional blocks in my personal life. Before our sessions, I knew I needed to shift the way I perceived myself and how I felt about myself. But, opening up and being vulnerable was something I didn’t want to do, so I had avoided it all my life. But, when I spoke to Jacqueline, she made me feel supported and non-judged. She created a loving and compassionate space where I felt safe to open up. And, I’m so grateful to her for creating the space and providing me with the tools to uplevel my sense of self-love, self-confidence and self-awareness….


After my sessions with Jacqueline, I felt unstoppable and empowered and I took away various tools to continually feel alive & joyful & unstoppable! My life has changed for the better, I am so glad I received coaching from Jacqueline! I only wish I had done it sooner! Thank-You, Self Love Diva! I love being part of your Self Love Diva Tribe!❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer A. 

No one can go through this world alone. Everyone should have someone that they can lean and depend on. Someone to turn to with a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Someone to be a sounding board to give advise when you need help. This woman can truly help anyone if you are in need. She had been where you are and can be that caring guide to help you find your way to get back on track. To help you become a better and healthier you. So give it a try, what do you have to lose. Where you could not find the answers or did not know what to do she can help you find the first step to take. She help me a lot, I felt like I had a huge burden lifted off my heart just having someone to listen. She helped me realize things I did not see before and I am going to put into practice what she taught me. She gave me the steps to become a stronger more confident emotional well balanced person.

Vanessa S.

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